Creating Social Media content and managing online accounts sounds like music to our never resting ears. Social Media, the platforms, the algorithms, the new features changes almost every week. This is why we are daily there to search, research and learn what is new. We got you covered. You can check this task as “done”.

Is this service for me?

Yes, this service is for you if you want to:

  • be among the first that optimize their online presence when changes happen so that you don’t lose time or money
  • overcome the hindrance of “this thing is not working” and get to the thing that does work immediately
  • always get your message out there in a “social media friendly” way
  • create a community that is always satisfied with your product, service or customer support
  • have a team that professionally handles everything that might occur on your account in terms of technology
  • have content created and specifically curated for you
  • have a monthly calendar of social media posts ideas
  • save time and give your energy in growing your business instead
  • reach more potential customers without hassle

Social Media Management

550 / Month$
  • What is included in the package?