By welding together your brand, identity and values to create strategies that work.

Our Clients

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The University of Piraeus was founded as a "School of Industrial Studies" in 1938 by the Association of Industrialists and Craftsmen. Today it is a Higher Education Institution established in Piraeus and includes 10 Academic Departments.
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Gruppo Cucine’s

Gruppo Cucine's vision has been simple and in the same spirit since its first day of founding. Using their art and creativity to make fellow humans' lives more beautiful by offering unique cuisines to enjoy moments of happiness with their loved ones
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The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign began in the U.S.A in 1994 and aimed at providing information on breast cancer prevention (self-examination and mammography). The Team of Fashion Campaign aims at Breast Cancer started its action in Greece in 2001 and for more than 13 years it aims to inform and sensitize Greek women about the importance ofprevention and early diagnosis (self- mammography) of breast cancer.
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Alios Tours ~ A travel agency like no other you know with the core idea to inspire people to travel differently than the ordinary, to do different things, to accept, respect and try to understand the difference. Alios Tours team commits to sharing the Greek rich history and culture through off-the-beaten-path tours in Greece
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The story of Giannetos Couture begins in 1907. Today the art of Made to Measure Suits continues and evolves by Takis Yannetos, the fourth generation of the family leading the fashion house Giannetos who designs and creates exclusively with the use of the most innovative design programs.
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Luigi Footwear

Luigi Footwear ~ LUIGI Footwear was founded in 2013, aiming to make international shoe fashion accessible to all. LUIGI is not the typical Greek company. LUIGI is a group of friends that is constantly growing and evolving. You belong to this company too!
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Mrs. Globe

The largest & longest consecutive running International pageant for Mrs/Ms. We produce creative and quality events that offer both the enjoyment of competition and personal growth for our participants.
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Epixeiro ~ Entrepreneurship in the Spotlight! The purpose of the website is not simply to publish news about entrepreneurship but to become the means of direct, continuous and productive communication of the business community where each user can use the interactive nature of the internet.
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Nexus Energy Center

Nexus Energy Center is a non-profit organization based in the SPACE & ROCKET CENTER in NASA, that builds smarter energy communities in Alabama through education, conservation, & renewable initiatives.
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Kathy Heyndels

Haute Couture Atelier based in Athens since 1983. The Company works with only carefully sourced, 100% natural and authentic fabrications for the design of haute couture pieces & bridal gowns
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MUN Planet

MUNPlanet is a knowledge network where members create, curate and share their knowledge and experiences about issues of global importance. It is for people who are passionate about the world and share the values of the United Nations.
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ADD+ Style

Fashionable accessories that add style to every occasion
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Clothes for every child - Established in 1990. The aesthetics and quality of our clothes, along with our competitive pricing, have been our powerful paper over the years.
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TECHNOMAT was founded in 1994 and today is among the leading companies in the field of electrical and industrial equipment trading with 106 executives at its personnel.
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The Coultural Gift Boutique. Our mission is to search the country for the finest, most extraordinary foods, cosmetics and art that promote the Greek culture. Our goal has been to offer themed gift boxes that meet your – and our- uncompromising standards.
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TripElina is initially focusing on the most popular destinations in Greece and providing information, suggestions, inspiration and trip ideas based on the TripElina Local expertise.
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Leadership Coaching

At the core of our vision is to bring the best coaches, tools and leadership skills to your doorstep. Inspired by CTI’s curriculum, leadership program, and their breakthrough Co-Active® Coaching Model, we have assembled a team of internationally established CTI faculty carefully selected for their quality and diversity.
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“People with disabilities have abilities”. We design products and provide services that aim to raise awareness and inform society about the world of chronic and rare diseases and disability.
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Karkantonis Home Plus

Everything you need to make your house a home. Plus more!
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The O.T.A Association Prefecture of Thessaloniki is the institution of the Local Government of Solid Waste Management for the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. Based on the institutional framework, it is a Solid Waste Management Facility (FODSA).
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Naya Tsalesi

A brand for real women who blossom fiercely with femininity. Independent and free who wildly follow their inner style. Naya Tsalesi's mission is to designate the character and the beauty of women today. Luxurious fabrics and elegant lines reflect an endless journey to timelessness.
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Thessaloniki Tourism Organization

The official tourism board of Thessaloniki’s Region. Our mission is to spread the word about our wonderful city!
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Our goal is to continually discover the neighborhood's restaurants to get them with a click on your screen. We run delivery restaurants in over 30 cities all over Greece.
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ZAC.K Intelligent Apparel

Introducing Smarter Clothing. When cutting-edge technology collaborates with AI and top-grade fabric, a new generation of active wear is born. It’s called Exisom.
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We develop CSR into a Systemic Change mechanism with the aim of delivering long term impact to society and responsible returns for businesses committed to community development.urn CSR into an Impact Investment Tool for Community Development.
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Order your coffee online while on-the-go! It will find you wherever you want!
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VLabs, founded in 2017 and based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is operating in the decentralized ledger technology space as an industry innovator, specifically on building DApps and training the next generation of DApp developers.
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A gym like no other. Personalized training session to fit everyone’s needs.
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Pythagoras Systems

A Volentix Development partner. Volentix is a community powered DAO: A Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Volentix exists to explore the disruptive potential of decentralized organizations (DApps).
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Why should spelling, multiplication and learning English be boring ... When they can become a fun game? This simple thought has led us to the creation of Super Excellent! A new educational app to help children of all ages learn while playing!
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High quality and gorgeous aesthetic are the two key factors we value the most. Clothes handmade and ethically produced in Greece that aim to serve and please our little princesses!
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Fertility Centre Crete

Crete Fertility Centre established 26 years ago, has been offering personalized services to infertile couples, using state-of-the-arttechnology and psychological support. The result is the birth of 5000 babies all over the world with the contribution of our unit.
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Clothes made with love for unicorns. Style may be just one way to show the world who you are. But it’s definitely the fanciest!

Our Services

Sales & Marketing

Consulting & Strategy

We believe in “tough love” but that’s only because we want to help you achieve the best results possible! And we know YOU CAN!

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Social Media Management

Creating Social Media content and managing online accounts sounds like music to our never resting ears.

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What is the purpose of a great post if it is not delivered to the right audience?

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Are you tired of GOOGLE-ing things and finding no right answer?Does it feel too much to search and search and hassle and stay with the same unanswered questions?

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Business Development


Sometimes it’s not the way we say things but what we say. And if you are in a situation where you say out loud that you need less talking and more action, less ideas and more implementation then we got you!

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Automation Tools

Growing a new social media account is especially hard nowadays with more companies joining in and the already established ones taking so much space.

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Business Development Plan

You’ve got the skills; you’ve got the idea; but then comes the “P” word.Well, we are the cool geeks that get excited about organizing and planning the exact steps of how to get a business from point A to point Z!

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Let’s Work Together

Custom Plan

We know that every company is different. And every niche has specific needs. This is why we started this company – because we simply love creating custom solutions when are needed. So please share with us in as much detail as possible your ideas on how we can partner up!

Press SEND and a Pirate from our Crew will contact you soon! Via email of course

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    Meet Our Team

    Do you believe in life after work? Because we do.

    This is why we believe that: The most valuable asset of every company is the people.

    Why? Because our people care.
    We care about your business; we care about progress; we care about you.
    But we also care for causes and for pivotal global issues.

    So meet the crew:

    Yanna Fo
    Yanna FoSocial Media Pirate & Captain of the ship
    Daily tasks:

    She drives everyone crazy with her new ideas but we couldn’t live without them.

    Things she believes in:

    She believes in freedom and in people.

    After work life:

    She is a Hiker and a Kick Boxing Pro


    Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum

    Falegkas Charalampos
    Falegkas CharalamposShip Commander
    Daily tasks:

    He creates the magic for the numbers to always go up.

    Things he believes in:

    He believes in equality & self-determination.

    After work life:

    He is a fisherman and a runner


    He teaches upcycling craftsmanship

    Vasiliki Nikiforou
    Vasiliki NikiforouTax Lieutenant
    Daily tasks:

    She shows us the money.

    Things she believes in:

    She believes in productivity & in teams.

    After work life:

    She is a swing dancer.


    She is part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

    Antonia Moysidou
    Antonia MoysidouAccount Manager
    Daily tasks:

    She starts her day with a smile and she is excited about learning new things.

    Things she believes in:

    Women’s empowerment.

    After work life:

    She keeps up with her friends.


    Member of Women’s Union Association in Komotini

    Sofia Stoidou
    Sofia StoidouDeck Commander {aka CPO - Chief Product Officer}
    Daily tasks:

    Digital communication & Strategy

    Things he believes in:

    She believes in justice, freedom & empathy

    After work life:

    Anything she can do by the sea


    Activist for the environment and poor families

    Konstantinos Malaviezos
    Konstantinos MalaviezosGoogle Adwords Expert
    Daily tasks:

    He creates targeted ads for your business and always aims higher

    Things he believes in:

    To the people and their goodwill

    After work life:

    He is a football player, a gamer and a fisherman


    Helps to feed people who really need it

    Eirini Sarantidou
    Eirini SarantidouKey Account Manager
    Daily tasks:

    She creates content for customers.

    Things she believes in:

    Equality & human connectivity.

    After work life:

    Tennis enthusiast.


    AIESEC & environmental volunteer


    Desi Karapchanska
    Business Development Executive

    Advisory tasks: She has the right ideas and knows the right people, in the right time and at the right place.

    Things she believes in: She believes in love & living to your potential.

    After work life: She is a clean eater & a great cook.

    Volunteering: She advices startups on their first steps